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Number of possible Iraqi refugees cannot be predicted - Red Cross in Kuwait

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KUWAIT, March 19 (KUNA) -- Number of Iraqi refugees expected to flee from Iraq when war erupts cannot be predicted, head of the international Red Cross mission in Kuwait, Michel Mir, told KUNA on Wednesday.

The Red Cross is still hoping a peaceful solution for the Iraqi crisis, Mir said. "We are, however, so worried about the possible humanitarian consequences of war when it takes place", he added.

"We are ready to aid the war's victims as soon as we can based on our preparations", Mir said.

He also remarked that the Red Cross committee's team in Baghdad will not leave Iraq, underlining the Red Cross teams' readiness in the neighboring countries including Kuwait, Jordon, and Iran.

The committee is ready to provide food and medicines besides other humanitarian items to support the Red Cross's efforts inside the Iraqi territories, he said.

Mir also praised the cooperation of Kuwait Red Crescent Society with the international Red Cross committee in its humanitarian efforts. (end)

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