NRC - Weekly Activity Update 1 March 2016

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Shelter upgrades and WASH assistance

Last week NRC conducted an assessment for 325 sealing off kits for IDPs living in non-camp sites in Semmel district where most of the families are considered to be in high need of shelter and WASH assistance. Further, NRC continued assisting 835 shelter upgrades for IDPs living in Shikhan in non-camp sites. 610 are completed and assessments for 225 are still ongoing. NRC also conducts quality testing of the water sources in Shikhan district and will share the results with the local government in cases were water contamination is identified.

Currently, NRC is co-chairing the inter cluster shelter and WASH working group supporting BRHA to develop a district coordination mechanism for measuring the needs, coverage and gaps at local level. Together with the WASH, Shelter and CCM cluster leads in Duhok, NRC is in discussions about solutions for IDPs living on informal sites, especially on government land.

In Dohuk, 3000 top-up hygiene kits were distributed to 12061 beneficiaries and an awareness campaign focusing on children’s hand washing was conducted.

Building capacity and supporting formal education

In cooperation with MAG and Operation Mercy trainings and awareness lectures were given to both students and teachers last week. In three of the sessions regarding psychosocial support , teachers provided the trainings themselves.

NRC continues to provide support to formal schools in refugee as well as internally displaced persons camps in Erbil and Dohuk. Last week, NRC provided catch-up classes in a variety of fields such as physics, illiteracy eradication, mathematics, Arabic and English languages, social studies, science and chemistry. NRC also supports formal schools inside camps in Erbil and Dohuk by distributing student kits and stationary to students and teachers.

Last week NRC initiated recreational activities such as as skipping, hula hoop, volleyball and soccer matches as well as music and art sessions for displaced children and youth in camps in Dohuk and Erbil.