Northern Iraq MAG Update

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At this time of year in northern Iraq it is very hot and dry. Even though it is only the beginning of summer, there is already a serious shortage of water in the region. This is because of the lack of snow and rain during the last winter. To address the pressing needs of communities desperate for a reliable water supply, MAG has been conducting several 'partial clearance tasks' to allow villagers safe access to water sources inside mined areas. In this case, MAG does not clear the entire minefield as this may take quite some time. Instead MAG ensures that the villagers can get to the water quickly and risk-free without waiting for the whole area to be made safe.
One such task was recently completed in Ahmad Klwan village in Suleimaniyah region. In this village farmers needed to use two springs and clean and repair an irrigation ditch: these were inside the much bigger minefield. MAG cleared an access route and a wider area around each spring. The cleared areas have been marked off so that the villagers know exactly what land is safe. The second of the two springs was officially handed over to the village in June 2001. The water from both springs is now being used for drinking and to irrigate crops.