Non-Food Items (NFI) Technical Guidance V11 – February 2017

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This document provides advice to agencies delivering Non-Food Item (NFI) programming in Iraq to support conflict-affected families with individual and general household support items to preserve health, safety, dignity and well-being. The basis of this document’s recommendations is on a family consisting of 6 persons. Partners should tailor packages (both in type and quantity of items) based on needs and anticipated family size if the rationale of 6 persons per household is not deemed appropriate. The focus of the items and kits described in this guidance document are general household and personal support items, and not household shelter construction support items. Household shelter construction support items, including Emergency Shelter Kits (ESK) and Emergency Sealing-Off Kits (ESOK), are described in other Shelter and NFI Cluster guidance.

A primary principle is to ensure that the quality of items meets needs adequately, is fit for purpose, and does not pose a risk to users. Shelter Cluster Iraq strongly recommends agencies accompany distributions with clear guidance and/or training to ensure the safe and proper usage of items, and the avoidance of injury or risk.

Suggested cost envelopes for kits are included in this guidance to encourage equitability of assistance between agencies and across different geographic locations. They are based on estimate market costs (as of October 2016) for items meeting basic needs and for conducting household activities (e.g. cooking, eating, sleeping). Example specifications have been provided as a guide to quality and standards for items. The contents of kits should meet the minimum requirements set out below and be based on needs identified through assessment.

This document should be read in conjunction with the overall Shelter/NFI Cluster Strategy and other technical guidance published by the Shelter/NFI Cluster including:

  • Climatisation and Seasonal Support Guidance - Emergency Shelter Kits (MESK / BESK)

  • Emergency Sealing-Off Kits (ESOK)

  • Cash and Shelter guidance