National Protection Cluster: 2021 ActivityInfo (AI) Reporting Guide [EN/AR]

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Humanitarian Response Plan 2021 Strategic Objectives (All protection cluster activities are under strategic objectives 3)

Strategic Objective 3 - Vulnerable IDPs and returnees are supported to establish lives in safety and dignity Specific Objective 3.2 - # IDPs and Returnees are supported to have access to legal assistance and documentation to enjoy their fundamental rights and to access services, remedies and entitlements and thus contribute to solving displacement and help re-establish lives (legal/documentation, can also include capacity building).

Specific Objective 3.3 - # IDPs and Returnees are supported in addressing risks to their physical safety, well-being and social integration through specialized protection services as well as community-based interventions to promote peaceful coexistence.

Specific Objective 3.4 - # IDPs and Returnees are supported to manage stress, trauma and anxiety and to reduce the use of negative coping mechanisms to maintain their mental, psychosocial and physical well-being (MHPSS).

Specific Objective 3.5 - # IDPs and Returnees have access to critical information and awareness-raising about rights, risks, and services to enable them to make informed decisions, promote positive social change and raise concerns appropriate to their particular situation and characteristics (information needs: CCCM committees, community representation, complaint mechanisms, explosive ordnance risk education, awareness raising sessions, Iraq Information Center, AAP/CwC etc).