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Multi-Sector Needs Assessment of Syrian Refugees Residing in Camps: Kurdistan Region of Iraq Assessment Report, March 2015

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With the conflict in Syria showing no signs of abating in its fourth year, refugees that have flooded into neighbouring countries are facing a drawn out situation of asylum. By November 2014 223,923 Syrian refugees (79,296 households) had sought refuge in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). 42% of these were residing in nine camps across the three governorates of the KRI and adjacent disputed territories.

REACH Initiative (REACH) has been actively supporting information management efforts undertaken by humanitarian actors in Iraq since November 2012. In consultation with UNHCR, REACH was mobilised to collect multi-sector baseline data at the household level of Syrian refugee households in camp settings across the KRI. Data collection took place between 2nd and 15th December, with a total sample of 1,981 households across nine camps assessed.