MSF supports casualty staff in Baghdad hospital

Baghdad - On the night of Saturday March 22, the team from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) joined staff at the 250-bed al-Kindi General Hospital in northeast Baghdad taking on a support capacity. Al-Kindi is designated as one of the hospitals to treat emergency injured, and, up until now, the hospital has been able to cope with the needs.
The MSF surgeon, anaesthetist and emergency physician will continue in this support role during the coming days and nights in the event that more medical assistance is needed.

The MSF team donated some material from their current stock, including some surgical equipment like external fixation sets, which are used to stabilize fractures, and antibiotics and I.V. fluids. An emergency kit with materials to treat 150 injured, and dressings for treating burn victims, may also be provided if needed. MSF also hopes to send in more supplies from Amman, Jordan.

Currently, MSF has a 6-person international team in Baghdad, consisting of volunteers from Italy, France, Austria, Norway, Sudan, and Algeria. MSF teams are also monitoring the situation as it develops from several neighboring countries, including Jordan, Syria and Iran.