Minutes of Health Cluster Coordination Meeting (July 2022 coordination meeting held on 02 August 2022)


Participants: ASB, CADUS, CARE, Cordaid, DAMA, Dary Human, Handicap International, Heevie, INTERSOS, IOM, MALTEASER, MercyHands, MSFCH, PUI, SchuldHulp Maatje, TRY Global, UIMS, UNAMI, UNFPA, UNHCR, UNICEF, UOSSM France, USAID/BHA, VIYAN, WHO, WVI.

Agenda (please find presentation here)

  1. Review of action points

  2. Result of IOM survey on the role of local CSOs in the health sector in Iraq

  3. Cholera - current response and coordination gaps in Iraq

  4. COVID-19 Taskforce update

  5. Program updates: EWARN; Immunization

  6. Sub-cluster updates: Anbar, Duhok, Ninewah, Sulaymaniyah

  7. Working Group updates: Nutrition; Reproductive Health