Mercy Corps preparing for possible humanitarian crisis in Iraq

Mercy Corps is working closely with its international and local partners to prepare to respond to a possible humanitarian crisis in Iraq, while urging members of the international community to seek a peaceful resolution. The agency is committed to addressing the ongoing humanitarian needs inside Iraq as well as those that may result from a conflict in the country.
Members of Mercy Corps' Global Emergency Operations (GEO) team have performed preliminary needs assessments in the region and are coordinating with a consortium of international humanitarian aid organizations to prepare for a major humanitarian relief effort in the event of a military conflict.

The United Nations estimates that a conflict in Iraq could place an estimated 10 million civilians, including more than two million refugees and displaced persons, at risk of hunger and disease and in need of immediate assistance.

Mercy Corps' global partner, Peace Winds Japan, continues to operate humanitarian programs in the Kurdish autonomous zone in northern Iraq. Peace Winds Japan runs medical clinics within the refugee camps and operates mobile medical clinics to reach those needing medical assistance in remote areas. Additionally, the organization is providing food and housing assistance to refugees in the region.

Mercy Corps operates programs in countries throughout the Middle East, including Jordan, Lebanon and the West Bank. The agency responded to a devastating earthquake in Turkey in 1999 and provided humanitarian assistance to refugees during the Gulf War in 1991. Mercy Corps has also successfully provided lifesaving assistance to civilians in situations compounded by military action in Kosovo and Afghanistan.

Mercy Corps recently joined with members of InterAction, the largest US alliance of international humanitarian and development nongovernmental organizations, in sending a letter to President Bush calling on him to work toward a diplomatic resolution to the situation within the context of the United Nations.

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