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Malteser Germany calls for access to the refugees in Northern Iraq to avoid humanitarian tragedy

A great number of people in Iraq are taking refuge in the secure regions in the north (towards Turkey) or in the west (towards Jordan). As Sid Johann Peruvemba, Head of Emergency Aid of Malteser Germany, reports from the northern Iraqi border region, current estimations are assuming 500,000 refugees to arrive. After the military attacks about 85 % of the population of the cities of Mossul, Kirkuk and Dohuk have apparently left their homes to reach the mountains. A humanitarian tragedy is now becoming apparent since the Turkish-Iraqi border region is prohibited military area and still inaccessible for aid.
Malteser Germany has prepared relief measures for the Iraqi refugees in cooperation with its local partner "International Blue Crescent" (IBC). Two water purification units and one Emergency Health Kit, capable of providing 30,000 people, have arrived in the northern Iraqi city of Erbil. According to information given by Muzaffer Baca, vice-president of the local partner organisation IBC, the refugees who have already arrived in Camp Shaklawa in northern Iraq are yet in need of more than 2,000 tents. For hospitals in Kifri, Erbil and Sulaimaniah in the Kurdish regions, IBC requires at least 5,000 first-aid-sets. Food supply for more than 10,000 people is urgently needed. In addition, IBC has asked for atropine in order to be prepared for potential attacks with toxic gas.

Besides the activities in the Turkish-Iraqi border region, Malteser Germany at present also is preparing further relief measures in Jordan.

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