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Lutheran World Relief Action Alert 3/03

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Iraq: Send aid, pray for the suffering

The failure to disarm Iraq peacefully puts many Iraqi people at increased risk. Those already most vulnerable from 20 years of wars, repression and sanctions will suffer the most. In the last decade, Iraq has seen the steepest rise in infant mortality in the world. One infant in four is malnourished and one in eight does not reach the age of five. A big reason is water-borne disease -- half a million tons of raw or partially treated sewage enters the Tigris River daily and two-thirds of the public water supply is untreated. Another is diet. 16 million (60%) of the people depend on basic government food rations.

In war, disease and hunger gain ground. An estimated 7 million people will need food aid just a few weeks after fighting began. 1.5 million people may become refugees in neighboring countries.

Iraq's ancient churches and churches worldwide advocate for peaceful solutions to this crisis and are praying for those who suffer. LWR has helped vulnerable Iraqis through sanctions and wars and has worked in the Middle East for more than 50 years.

LWR is helping


  • Raising one million dollars for basic medicines for vulnerable children in Iraq. One shipment delivered.

  • Pre-positioning supplies for use in Iraq and Jordan, including $457,000 worth of LWR health kits, school kits and 22,000 quilts, with more aid in process.

  • Prepared to assist refugee camps on the borders of Jordan and Syria with water and basic household needs.

  • Ready to assist 52 parish community aid centers in Iraq, as feasible. These serve people fleeing their homes.

  • Pre-war, LWR provided hospitals and emergency shelters in Iraq with food, bedding, hygienic and medical supplies and trained local church emergency volunteers from Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.
Action by Churches Together, a worldwide emergency alliance that includes LWR, is supporting and helping coordinate Iraq crisis aid.

You can help!


Your help makes aid possible. $2.2 million is still needed for this work, including $1 million for the All Our Children campaign.

GIVE $50 to feed a refugee family for a week.
GIVE $100 to help LWR cover shipping costs (now $18,000 with more in process).
GIVE $200 to help fund local aid purchases, such as a tent and blankets for a displaced Iraqi family.

Call 1-800-LWR-LWR-2, make a gift on-line, or mail a check or money order to the address below.

Lutheran World Relief - Iraq/Mid-East Crisis
PO Box 17061
Baltimore, MD 21298-9832

PRAY, SPEAK OUT for those suffering and for peace. Include all people of the Middle East in private and public prayers. Visit church-related web sites, including, and

Thank you for your help.