Issue brief: Iraq

Iraq is suffering an ongoing humanitarian crisis. The continuing need stems largely from two consecutive wars and twelve years of devastating economic sanctions. Living conditions in Iraq cry out desperately for humanitarian assistance.

Health conditions have deteriorated drastically since the 1990's with little access to clean water and limited essential health care. The negative effects of war and economic sanctions have created unbearable living conditions for the majority of the Iraqi population, with infant mortality rates being among the highest in the world.

Currently, 100% of the Iraqi population receives monthly food rations from the government. These rations equal 2200 calories per day. According to UNICEF, 70%-80% of the Iraqi population depends on these food rations.

In the event of war, infrastructures supporting these food distributions will collapse with in 48-76 hours. This puts close to 80% of the people in Iraq at immediate risk of malnutrition, hunger and famine.


Stop Hunger Now is already partnering with two indigenous organizations to meet the food security needs of the Iraqi people. It has already begun emergency food funding and has also established protocols to continue funding in the event of war.

The two organizations Stop Hunger Now is working with are the Middle East Council of Churches and the Islamic Relief Association.

Stop Hunger Now has recently provided emergency food funding to feed 100 families in Iraq and has also provided funding for Iraqi refugees in Jordan.

Food and other relief supplies are being stockpiled at strategic locations in Jordan for Iraqi refugees in the event of war. Stop Hunger Now is also assisting in funding the food boxes being stockpiled in various locations throughout Iraq.

Stop Hunger Now has set up the 20-4-4 Iraqi Hunger Crisis Initiative under which just $20 can feed a family of four for four weeks, or one month.

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