Iraqi Red Crescent Society distributes food assistance to more than 1200 displaced families from Hawija to Saladin

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has distributed food assistance to more than 1200 families, who have been displaced from Hawija cities and the left side of Al-shirqat.

IRCS has said,” IRCS teams in Saladin has distributed (1250) food parcels for displaced families in Al-Alam 1 and 2 camps in Sebat area.”

IRCS has added, “the IRCS relief teams have distributed daily ready food meals for displaced families, who have been received and sheltered in the displacement camps, since the beginning of liberation operation in Hawija on 21 last month, adding to provide them with relief materials, psychosocial support and medical services.

IRCS teams are getting ready to go to villages and the center of Hawija after the announcement of its liberation, in order to relieve the affected families and providing them with what they need.”