Iraqi Red Crescent: Increasing in the numbers of families affected by torrents in the township of Baladroz to more than 250 families

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The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has announced that the rising in the numbers of families affected by the torrents in the township of Baldaroz to more than 250 families.

The IRCS has reported in a statement: “The teams of the IRCS have entered the affected areas in Mandali district of Baladroz township and registered more than 250 families who were affected by the upcoming rains, where the relief teams have secured their relief needs including food parcels, blankets, and other relief items needed by families in their daily use. ”

The statement has added that the IRCS`s teams have also distributed guidance and warning posters about the remnants of war, which are washed away by torrents and how to deal with it and to report about their places to the competent authorities to work on its removal.

The IRCS continues as being the first responder to assist the affected families by harnessing their physical and human potential to provide them with humanitarian assistance.