The Iraqi Red Crescent: Increasing the number of displaced people from Anbar Governorate to more than 100 thousand and the IRCS teams intensify relief efforts

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The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) announced increasing the number of displaced people from Anbar governorate to reach more than 100 thousand people during the past three days. The Assistant Secretary General for IRCS Mohammed Alkhozai said that “the number of displaced people reached more than 100 thousand displaced people, mostly from the city of Ramadi and its neighboring villages”. He added that “majority of the families get to the capital Baghdad and some of other governorates through Bzabz bridge under difficult humanitarian conditions, a large number of these families have been harboring in schools, mosques and other public places, while the teams of IRCS distributed relief assistance in the areas where the displaced are found.

Alkhzei also added that “IRCS teams distributed relief assistance to more than 40 thousand displaced people during the past two days, despite task difficulty of IRCS team due to the security situation and the large number of displaced”.

Noting that “IRCS is currently collaborating with some governmental agencies to install camp at Abu Ghraib city so as to house the displaced.