Iraqi Red Crescent: Increasing the number of the dead to 10 people because of the earthquake and set up camps to shelter the affected families in Darbandikhan and Halapcha.

The number of the dead people has increased because of the earthquake that hit Iraq to more than 10 people after the death of one injured person from Khanaqin area, as well as more than 430 injured, during the last two days the teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) have conducted field assessment in order to know the human loses left by the earthquake, until now the number of the affected families have reached 200 families were deployed in the villages of Darbandikhan and Halabja in the governorate of Sulaymaniyah in northern Iraq, in addition to a number of government buildings including the hospital of Darbandikhan.

The president of the Iraqi Red Cresent Society Dr. Yassin Al-Mamouri has said that the IRCS teams have installed more than 200 tents to shelter the affected families in Darbandikhan and Halapcha villages, as well as distributing food and relief assistance to these families, also the IRCS teams have provided Darpandikhan hospital with first aid materials and set up tent inside the hospital to receive and treat the injured temporarily.

Dr. Yassin Al-Mamourie has added that 23 trucks loaded with relief items have entered the Iraqi territory coming from Turkish Red Crescent in order to distribute it to the affected people.