Iraqi Red Crescent: Increase in the number of displaced people to 990 after operations begin in the West side of Mosul City

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has announced the increasing in the number of displaced people from the west coast of Mosul city to 990 citizen, they have been sheltered in Qayarah and Erbil camps, after the security forces have provided safe access for the displaced.

The IRCS has reported “ The IRCS teams in Erbil and Salahuldin centers have received during the past two days 990 displaced from different areas of the west coast of Mosul city since the beginning of the operations till now ”.

The statement has added that the relief teams in Erbil have received yesterday 546 displaced in Khazer camp which shelters more than 29 thousand displaced till now, while the relief teams in Salahuldin center have received 450 displaced from Mosul airport.

The statement indicated that the IRCS teams in the southern and northern centers have distributed more than 2000 food meal, 1000 food parcel and relief materials, adding to treat more than 350 people in the IRCSs field hospital, while the IRCSs health teams have provided first aid and psychosociel support to more than 650 displaced, in order to make the families settle in the camps and to follow the preventive methods to reduce the communicable diseases through raising awareness.

It is worthy to be mentioned that the IRCS teams in the three centers, the southern, northern and the western centers have prepared amounts of food and relief materials, adding to the human resources, in order to respond quickly to the displaced relief operations and shelter them, also they have prepared a strategic stock to relief more than 250 thousand people.