Iraqi Red Crescent distributes food materials to returning families in their home areas in Heet, west of Anbar Governorate

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has distributed food and relief materials to the families who returned to their homes in Heet west of Anbar .

The IRCS has reported in a statement “ The IRCS teams in Anbar have been managed to enter Heet city after the displaced families returned to their areas, and because Heet city is hard to enter after its main roads were damaged, so the relief teams have transferred food materials by the riverboats, they have distributed food materials to more than 1500 displaced .

The statement has added that the IRCS is the only organization that was able to enter Heet city after its being secured, and all the people in the liberated areas have praised the role of the IRCS in relief the families, because the IRCS teams have received them before during their displacement and also provided food materials for them when they have returned to their areas, so they have been sheltered at kilo 18 camp west of Ramadi .

In the same context, the IRCS teams have distributed food and relief rations to more than 500 displaced from Ana and Rawa areas, they have been sheltered at kilo 18 camp west of Ramadi, the distribution covered all the displaced families in the camp .