Iraqi Red Crescent distributes 150 food parcels for the most vulnerable categories in Dhi Qar

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The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has distributed 150 food parcels for the poor families at Al-Bathaa district in Dhi Qar governorate, the IRCSs teams have conducted a primary assessment covered all the poor families, widows and the martyrs’ families in the districts of Dhi Qar governorate, and to register their needs in order to cover it.

On the other hand, the IRCSs teams are continuing its work in order to install the water purification units in Al-Shakhara area in Dhi Qar governorate within the plan of installing water purification units for the areas that suffer from a scarcity of water in the governorate, adding to the IRCSs health teams have organized health workshops which aims to spread the health and preventive awareness from transitioning diseases through using the polluted water and emphasizing on the daily health preventive methods in order to build a healthy community.