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Iraq/Ethiopa: Hotline 04 Jun 2007

CWS assists displaced Iraqis


Church World Service is working with the Action by Churches Together coalition to assist thousands of displaced Iraqis, both those displaced within Iraq and those who have left their country because of the war. The United Nations estimates some 40,000 to 50,000 Iraqis leave the country every month, seeking refuge in neighboring Arab nations.

Throughout the war in Iraq, Church World Service has worked through partners to provide medical supplies, CWS Health and School Kits, and other assistance for families in need. The Church World Service-supported "All Our Children" campaign benefited more than 200,000 children, through assistance to clinics, hospitals, a children's theater, and safe water supply projects. In the past year, Church World Service has provided food, CWS Blankets, Health Kits, Baby Kits, Kids Kits, school and other hygiene supplies for Iraqi refugees who have fled to Jordan.

300 families improve their food security in Ethiopia


World Environment Day is June 5. Three hundred families in four communities in Hagere Mariam-Kesem district are gaining fruit and other trees to improve their nutrition and environment, with the help of Church World Service and local partner, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

Because of low crop yields, lack of alternative income sources, and natural resource degradation, the families grow barely enough food to last eight to nine months of the year.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is establishing two tree nursery sites to produce some 200,000 fruit and other tree seedlings for distribution within the communities. The EOC is also distributing basic hand tools. Farmers in the project are also gaining knowledge about growing fruits and vegetables, raising animals, and conserving soil and water, so they can in turn teach other farmers in their neighborhoods.