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Iraq Weekly Humanitarian Situation Report, 19th – 25th August 2014

Situation Report
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  • After temporary disruption of most ongoing water trucking activities in the North of Iraq, due to armed conflict, UNICEF is supporting the Dahuk Water Directorate with the daily provision of 67 water trucks across Dahuk Governorate, serving 80,500 IDPs in schools, settlements, unfinished buildings, and within the host communities.

  • In response to the dire conditions of IDPs, sheltered in more than 500 schools in Dohuk Governorate, UNICEF developed a multi-sectoral response to IDPs in schools, including WASH, health and nutrition, education, child protection and communication for development (C4D). UNICEF will target the 20 percent of the worst affected schools (according to number of IDPs and crowdedness), which is equivalent to assisting more than 50 per cent of the IDPs currently hosted in schools in Dahuk Governorate. Needs assessments of the 103 selected schools have already started.

  • UNICEF’s information management unit liaised with the Directorate of Education in Dahuk to create a comprehensive database and mapping of all schools in Dahuk, including standard administrative information, as well as data on IDP numbers hosted inside the schools.

  • According to OCHA, an estimated 1.45 million of 30.7 million people are displaced throughout the country since January 2014.

  • The interagency child protection rapid assessment (CPRA) was completed in Sulaymaniyah Governorate. After a two day training of 36 enumerators from 11 participating agencies, a three day CPRA exercise was conducted, during which 205 key informants and 36 focus group discussions for adolescents were interviewed in various locations in Sulaymaniyah Governorate.