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Iraq WASH Cluster Bulletin #1, November 2017


Displacement Overview:

The humanitarian crisis in Iraq continues to affect the lives of millions of people and remains one of the largest, most volatile in the world. The pace of displacement over the past three years is nearly without precedent. As of the beginning of 2017, over three million Iraqis are currently displaced, living in 3,700 locations across the country, out of which 2.5m are living in out of camps location and over 240,000 Syrian refugees currently reside in Iraq. As a result of the recent operation to retake Mosul City, over one million additional people have been cumulatively displaced and 36,696 people as a result of Tel Afar take over. And 160,000 civilians displaced from their homes as result of military operations in Anbar and Hawija. The scale of the humanitarian response in which the affected population continue to require a broad range of life-saving and specialized assistance, with Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) being of significant and priority need. There are over 51 active WASH partners working across over 18 Governorates in Iraq. According to IOM/DTM, the number of people displaced in military operations in west Anbar this year has reached 68,058 people. This has put strain on the already crowded camps of K18, Al Khalidiyah and AAF. The new influx of IDPs required scaling up WASH service.

In hard-to-reach newly liberated city Ana in west Anbar, partners were mobilized and WASH facilities installed in Ana reception center, also preparation for emergency water trucking in this site in addition to the new proposed camp in Ana.