Iraq: UNAMI Ninewa Situation Report No. 1

Situation Report
Originally published



  • Thousands of families have fled Mosul to safe areas surrounding the KR-I

  • The MoDM is looking to open camps near Domiz and in Al-Khazar area for Mosul IDPs

  • UNHCR and WHO visited Khazar checkpoint on 10 June where an estimated 14,000 individuals from Ninewa were observed crossing into the KR-I.

  • MoDM called for joint efforts with the UN and international organizations to assist IDPs in need.

Situation overview

The political and humanitarian events in Iraq are being dominated by the serious and abrupt deterioration in security situation, spanning Ninewa, Salah Al Din and Diyala provinces, where a coordinated, large-scale campaign of AOG attacks targeted Mosul, Samarra, Baquba and Ramadi. Mosul City and most of Ninewa Province are currently under ISIL and local militia control. The GoI has been evacuating public civil services staff from larger cities including Bayji and Tikrit. The deteriorating security situation has prompted PM Maliki to call on Parliament to convene an urgent session to declare a state-of-emergency to enable the state to deal with the crisis, and a vote is expected to take place this Thursday, 12 June. Casualties among civilians and the ISF alike are estimated to be in the hundreds, and massive internal displacement has occurred in the past few days. IOM’s Rapid Assessment and Response Teams estimate that approximately 500,000 people have been displaced so far as a result of the Ninewa crisis, with this number expected to rise significantly in the coming days.