Iraq: Tzu Chi Foundation prepares for humanitarian relief work in Jordan

As the increasing likelihood of war against Iraq, it is said that millions of refugees will rush to Jordan and other countries. Based on humanitarian considerations, Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation has commenced the preparation of humanitarian relief work to assist the refugees. The preparation work includes raising $100,000 US Dollars for Tzu Chi Foundation's office in Jordan to purchase essential medicine and food in order to help the refugees. Tzu Chi Foundation has started gathering relief supplies, including 15,000 blankets, canned food and other necessities estimated to fill up two forty-feet cargo containers. The two cargo containers will be sent to Jordan at an appropriate time.
Tzu Chi volunteers in Jordan have geared up to prepare for living and medical supplies for the refugee influx due to the humanitarian crisis. Tzu Chi volunteers in Jordan have contacted local charity organization to discuss relief plans, such as setting up medical units to provide medical service and hot food, etc. Moreover, if there are any urgent needs, Tzu Chi volunteers in Jordan will try their best to provide the necessary assistance and comfort to the need.

Master Cheng Yen, the founder of Tzu Chi Foundation, is very concerned about the humanitarian crisis. She is worried that once the war breaks out, thousands of lives will vanish. Master says that when she was young, she witnessed so many deaths due to air strikes during World War II; these devastating scenes are unforgettable. The damages to the Earth and human being, which are caused by war, still exist until today.

Master expresses that what we can do now is to make the world peaceful. This is what we have been promoting for years. We think that the source of every man-made calamity comes from human minds, and it is also important to purify people's minds. It is easy to recover from natural disasters, but it is hard to surmount calamities caused by human beings. Master Cheng Yen wishes everyone could continue to "spread the seeds of love" and we should love each other. By this way, we could share the peace in the society and the bright future of the world.


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