Iraq: Snapshot on IDPs in formal camps - 2019 Summary

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Camp Population Overview - 2019

A total of 54 camps closed or were consolidated during 2019, remaining 67 camps open by January 2020, of which only 39 with a population over 100 households.

The total camp population (no. of individuals) decreased by 172,407 (38.32%) between January and December 2019, from those a total of 123,429 individuals or 72% of this decrease is directly attributed to camp closures or consolidation.

Ninewa governorate accumulated the 90% of IDP departures, reducing the total population at governorate level by 46%.

The most significant camp consolidations in 2019 were in Anbar governorate ( AAF and HCT camps) with a total of 26 sub-camps. Particulary, AAF reduced population by 73% (1,147 individuals); followed by Jad'ah 1 & 2 (Ninewa) by 67% (6,042 individuals), in terms of total no. of individuals the departures were more significant in Hamam Al-Alil (Ninewa) with 11,693 individuals departing.

In terms of total individuals, the female camp population decreased more than the male population (92,229 female individuals and 80,189 male individuals), when looking at percentage decrease however, the difference is much smaller, with 37% decrease of the male camp population since January 2019 and a 39% decrease in the female camp population.

The most stable governorates were Erbil, Dohuk and Baghdad.

The total camp population only increased in 6 camps: Laylan IDP (1,614 or 26%), Hasansham U2 (367 or 9%), Baharka (9 or 0.2%) Al-Nabi Younis(6 or 2%) and Latifiya 2 (6 or 9%).