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Iraq Situation: UNHCR Flash Update - 4 November 2016

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▪ Mosul: 3,704 families (22,224 individuals) are currently displaced from Mosul district since military operations to retake Mosul cit y began on 17 October 2016, according to IOM DTM emergency tracking.

▪ Hawiga: UNHCR’s camps in Kirkuk Governorate continues to receive a steady flow of people displaced from Hawiga, Salah al-Din and Kirkuk. Daquq camp received 93 people yesterday, mainly from Hawiga, while 32 people from Kirkuk sought assistance at Laylan camp.


▪ UNHCR has opened a new camp in Hasansham to house newly-displaced families fleeing Mosul and surrounding areas. Some 3,000 people were received at the camp today and all families are being allocated a tent and provided with other assistance. At present, 450 tents – enough to shelter 2,700 people – are available at Hasansham and 500 tents can be erected per day to house additional arrivals. The camp will be able to house 1,800 families (11,000 people). An estimated 8,000 people arrived to Khazer and Hasansham camps in the past three days. Many have come from Gogjali and other areas on the eastern outskirts of Mosul. Hasansham is one of 11 camps UNHCR is building in order to respond to an anticipated large-scale displacement from Mosul. Five camps are currently ready to receive displaced families.

▪ UNHCR was informed that seven residents of Daquq camp were arrested, including a 14 year-old child, in relation to an investigation. This follows reports of other arrest incidents this week. Lawyers from the Protection Assistance and Reintegration Centre have been assigned to provide legal assistance to the arrested persons.

▪ Raj Mslebi Checkpoint: while UNHCR has no access to Raj Mslebi, through greater cooperation with the local authorities, and possible access by partner NGOs, more information on population figures/profiles at this location is expected to become available in the coming days. UNHCR and its partners are in negotiations with the local authorities, including the Raj Mslebi authorities, to permit vulnerable persons, especially medical cases, women, children and the elderly, to proceed to Al-Hol camp where basic services are being provided by UNHCR and partners.


▪ Iraqi forces captured at least six districts in Mosul centre including Karama, Khadra and Samah from extremist armed groups. The Popular Mobilization Forces continue their offensive on the western front and declared control over one of extremist groups’ main supply routes between Mosul and the Syrian Arab Republic, while Iraqi Security Forces are also advancing in the southwest of the Mosul city.