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Iraq Situation: UNHCR Flash Update - 27 November 2016

Situation Report
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72,570 People displaced from Mosul district since the military offensive began on 17 October

9,211 UNHCR kits of core relief items distributed to families (assisting some 54,000 people) displaced from Mosul corridor

9,097 Family plots (for some 54,000 people) in UNHCR camps are ready to receive IDPs displaced from Mosul corridor, of which 4,592 (50%) are currently occupied

3.2 million IDPs in total in Iraq 240,000 Iraqi refugees hosted by neighbouring countries in the region, with

2,031 Iraqis to Syria since 17 October


  • Mosul: Some 12,000 families (72,000 individuals)1 are currently displaced from Mosul district since the start of the military offensive on 17 October. A growing number of people are being displaced from inside Mosul city; IOM-DTM Emergency Tracking reports that some 4,000 individuals were newly displaced from inside Mosul on 24 November alone.
  • Most of the newly displaced families from inside Mosul are still arriving to the Iraqi Government’s camps in Hasansham. On 23 November, some 170 families (970 individuals) arrived at Khazer camp, which has reached current capacity. A new camp, Khazer M2, was opened and received more than 150 families on 25-26 November.
  • Some 350 families from Hammam al-Alil and Namrud areas arrived at the Iraqi government’s Qayyarah Jad’ah camp between 24-26 November, bringing the total camp population to around 1,170 families (5,500 individuals). The camp, which can shelter up to 3,000 families when fully constructed, currently has space available for 200 additional families. During the same period, 34 families returned from the camp to their villages of origin.
  • Hawiga: Hundreds of people continue to flee Hawiga district daily, including to UNHCR and Iraqi government camps in Kirkuk and Salah al-Din Governorates. Some 27,000 people displaced from Hawiga are currently sheltered in five UNHCR camps – Al Alam, Daquq, Debaga, Laylan, and Nazrawa – as well as in the Iraqi Government’s Qayyarah Jad’ah camp. Humanitarian partners are working to expand camp capacity in Kirkuk and Salah al-Din Governorates, at UNHCR’s Laylan 2 camp (1,000 family plots) and the Iraqi Government’s Al Alam Rubeida camp (3,000 family plots), to ensure that newly displaced families are sheltered and assisted.