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Iraq Situation: UNHCR Flash Update - 2 February 2017

Situation Report
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  • 161,178 Internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Mosul and surrounding areas since the military offensive began on 17 October 2016

  • 18,790 UNHCR kits of core relief items (CRIs) distributed to families in camps, assisting some 107,000 IDPs from Mosul and surrounding areas

  • 10,105 Family plots (for some 60,000 people) in UNHCR built camps are ready to receive IDPs displaced from Mosul corridor, of which 5,882 (58%) are currently occupied

  • 3 million IDPs since January 2014

  • 245,000 Iraqi refugees hosted by neighbouring countries in the region, and

  • 11,036 Iraqis received in Al Hol camp in Syria since 17 October 2016


Mosul: 692 IDPs (122 families) arrived to Khazer M1 camp, 74 IDPs (16 families) to Hasansham M2 camp, and 182 IDPs (33 families) to Nargizilia camp on 30 and 31 January, having fled primarily from north and central neighbourhoods of east Mosul, which have been under fire from mortars launched from the west bank. During the same period, 947 IDPs (209 families) departed Hasansham M2 camp to neighbourhoods in and around east Mosul. Since 17 October 2016, an estimated 196,800 persons (32,798 families) have been displaced from Mosul and surrounding areas. Of these, about 35,600 IDPs (5,935 families) have returned, although it is unknown if they reached their intended destination. Security conditions in retaken areas remains unpredictable: on 31 January, three people were killed and four injured in a shelling attack on a recently retaken area in east Mosul.

Shirqat: 276 IDPs (46 families) who fled fighting in eastern Shirqat reached safety across the Tigris River on 30 and 31 January, and are being hosted in government buildings. There have also been continued attacks by armed groups on retaken areas in Salah al-Din, which has jeopardized the safety of returnees and the sustainability of returns.

Hawiga: 428 IDPs (73 families) fled Hawiga and arrived in Al-Alam on 30 and 31 January.
Once they passed through Hamreen Mountain, authorities transported them to the AlShahama camp in Tikrit. The camp now hosts 424 families. Since the intensification of military operations in Hawiga in August 2016, some 82,128 persons (13,688 families) have been displaced from the district, with 38,526 IDPs hosted in Kirkuk, 3,426 in Ninewa, 3,252 in Erbil, and 78 in Baghdad.


The Iraqi Ministry of Oil announced that a burning oil well was extinguished in Qayyarah.
This is the 18th oil well out of the 25 that armed groups ignited in October 2016 that have since been brought under control. Seven wells continue to burn, affecting the health of residents.

Families allegedly affiliated with armed groups expelled in Salah al-Din. Authorities expelled 14 families from Shirqat on 31 January and 102 families have been expelled since 4 January. Authorities transferred the families to Al-Shahama camp. Branding of families as such is detrimental to their reintegration and enhances the protection risks they face.