Iraq Situation: UNHCR Flash Update - 15 June 2017

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 15 Jun 2017


415,986 Internally displaced Iraqis verified as being currently displaced from Mosul and surrounding areas since military operations to retake the city began on 17 October 20161

530,000 IDPs, returnees and members of the host community from Mosul and surrounding areas assisted by UNHCR since 17 October 2016.

190,472 Individuals (39,407 households) impacted by military operations to retake Mosul since October 2016 are currently enrolled in ASSIST, UNHCR’s assistance tracking tool

3 million IDPs since January 20142

253,992 Iraqi refugees hosted in countries in the region, and 19,968 Iraqis received in Al Hol camp in Syria since 17 October 2016


USD 578 million requested for IDPs and Iraqi refugees in the region in 2017


At least 70,000 persons were reportedly displaced from Mosul and surrounding districts in the first half of June. Internally displaced persons (IDPs) arrived mostly from west Mosul, where intense fighting has been ongoing in and around the Old City since the beginning of the month. According to IDPs interviewed by UNHCR’s protection partners, Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) have established routes out of west Mosul, allowing IDPs to access the floating bridge connecting west Mosul to east Mosul. Between 10 and 13 June, over 7,000 IDPs from west Mosul were reportedly been received at the mustering point/screening site located near Mosul Woods in east Mosul.

A significant number of IDPs report going back to their homes in west Mosul to check on belongings and property. Improved security conditions in a number of retaken neighbourhoods is reportedly encouraging brief ‘go-and-see’ visits to west Mosul by IDPs sheltered in surrounding areas. According to local authorities, in the morning of 14 June, at least 18 buses reached Scorpion Junction screening site, all of them transferring IDPs back towards their areas of origin for monitoring visits. On the same day, UNHCR’s protection partners interviewed a number of IDPs at Mosul Woods screening site: most of them were currently living in east Mosul, and coming back after checking on their property in west Mosul.