Iraq Situation: UNHCR Flash Update - 11 November 2017

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 11 Nov 2017

Key figures

987,648 IDPs in Ninewa (including as a result of the Mosul military operation)

110,478 IDPs currently displaced due to military operations in Hawiga (Kirkuk) and Shirqat (Salah al-Din)

67,026 IDPs currently displaced due to military operations in west Anbar

709,000 IDPs, returnees and members of the host community from Mosul and surrounding areas assisted by UNHCR since 17 October 2016.

561,013 Individuals (117,990 households) currently enrolled in ASSIST, UNHCR’s assistance tracking tool,

3.2 million IDPs since January 20141

262,758 Iraqi refugees hosted in countries in the region, with 29,015 Iraqis in camps in Hassakeh, Syria Funding USD 578 million requested for IDPs and Iraqi refugees in the region in 2017

Situation update

Of the 5.3 million Iraqis displaced since June 2014, over 2.2 million have returned. Ninety-five percent of returnees in Iraq are living in their habitual residence. However, a small number of families had to move in with relatives or in rented houses, or are temporarily living in public or unfinished buildings, waiting for their habitation to be repaired. On 8 November, the Ministry of Migration and Displacement (MoMD), confirmed in a statement that each returnee household would receive IQD 1.5 million (about USD 1,300) to support families re-establish themselves in their areas of origin.
Armed extremist groups perpetrated international crimes during the ninemonth military campaign to liberate Mosul City in Iraq, concludes the United Nations in a report published this month. According to the joint United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq and United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights report, at least 741 Iraqi civilians were executed by extremist groups while trying to escape the city. At least 2,521 civilians were killed during the battle, mostly from extremist attacks. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights report stated that during the course of the operation to retake Mosul city “thousands of civilians were subjected to shocking human rights abuses and clear violations of international humanitarian law (…) Those responsible must answer for their heinous crimes.”