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Iraq: Situation Flash Update, 28 October 2016

Situation Report
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16,566 IDPs from Mosul district and surrounding areas since the beginning of the offensive on 17 October

206,930 IDPs from Erbil, Ninewa, Salah al-Din and Kirkuk Governorates due to hostilities since April 2016

3.3 million IDPs since January 2014

240,917 Iraqi refugees hosted by neighbouring countries in the region, with 956 Iraqis to Syria 2 over recent weeks


UNHCR’s appeal of USD 584 million for IDPs and Iraqi refugees in the region is 41% funded

Of this, UNHCR requires USD 196.2 million for the Mosul emergency response, with these needs 48% funded


▪ New displacement: 16,566 people (2,761 families) are currently displaced since the start of the offensive. The 327 families (some 2,000 individuals) newly displaced since yesterday originate from Al Shura and Bashiqa areas, south and east of Mosul respectively. Kurdish security forces are reportedly encouraging residents of retaken areas to remain home and avoid displacement, and assuring their security.

▪ Returns to Al Qayyarah: Some 900 people (198 families) from Debaga camp have returned to their place of origin in retaken villages of Al Qayyarah, citing a preference to be sheltered in their homes over winter rather than in the camp.


▪ Increasing shelter capacity north of Mosul: UNHCR continues to work with the Dahuk Governorate Bureau of Relief and Humanitarian Affairs to further strengthen CCCM capacity and ensure effective management and coordination in camps north of Mosul. Amalla and Zelikan camps are ready to receive more than 4,000 families in total, with construction nearing completion in both camps. In addition, site preparations and construction are ongoing in three reception centres north of Mosul.

▪ Steady flow of arrivals to Zelikan camp: More than 280 people were received in Zelikan camp on the morning of 27 October, bringing the total number of IDPs accommodated there to 537. All new arrivals were provided with food, water, health care, shelter and essential items such as mattresses, blankets, and kitchen sets upon arrival.

▪ Three new camps in anticipation of further displacement to Salah al-Din: Work in Al Alam camp, with capacity for some 500 families, is 85 per cent completed. Construction on 600 plots is set to begin at Tikrit University camp and on 900 plots at Tikrit Olympic Stadium camp, for a total capacity of 1,500 families (9,000 people). More than 107,000 people have been displaced in Salah al-Din Governorate, mostly to Tikrit.


▪ Concerns over civilians potentially trapped in Hawiga: UNHCR and protection partners are concerned by the situation of civilians in Hawiga district who are reportedly unable to leave and access safe areas. There have been no new arrivals to Al Alam camp in nearby Salah al-Din Governorate since 24 October; some 480 individuals were reportedly caught by militants on 25 October as they attempted to flee Hawiga and reach Salah al-Din through the Hamreen mountains.