Iraq: "Sindbad" dispensary for water borne disease reopen in Basra

The dispensary for the treatment of the children water borne diseases, runned by the italian NGO "UN ponte per..." in Basra, has been reopened on Sunday 27th April after being looted from unknown people 15 days ago.
All furnitures and equipments had to be newly purchased and new medicines had been supplied from Baghdad "Un ponte per..." warehouse.

The first new 40 patients with gastroenteritis infections has been visited and treated by the iraqi staff of the dispensary.

The dispensary, entitled to the "1001 nights" sailor Sindbad, is located along the the Shatt Al Arab riverside in the south part of the city. Since december 1996 the "Sindbad" dispensary treated an average of 10.000 children per year.

Un ponte per... NGO - Italy