Iraq’s Electoral Preparations and Processes Report No. 8 (5 May 2021)


Highlights for the Month

  • A key milestone in the timeline, the candidate nomination period was completed on 1 May with 3,523 candidates registered including 963 women.
  • Decrees signed firming up election date and appointing FSC Judges.
  • The voter registration update process closed on 15 April after two previous extensions.
  • Latest VR data shows 16,777,337 voters (66.74% of the total voters) applied for biometric registration.
  • IHEC signed contract on auditing of the results management IT systems.
  • Decision under review on setting up so-called audit centres.
  • Call for proposals on small grants for CSOs engagement in civic and voter education activities.
  • IHEC considering specific COVID-19 safety measures to apply on E-day.

Presidential Decrees on Election Date and the Appointment of FSC Judges

On 12 April, the President of Iraq signed a decree on holding the Council of Representatives (CoR) elections on 10 October 2021. In his speech following the signing of the decree, the President referred to the decision taken by the CoR to dissolve itself by 7 October 2021. He also called upon all state institutions to fulfil the requirements for conducting the elections.
Also, on 10 April, the President signed a decree on the appointment of new Federal Supreme Court judges pursuant to the amended FSC Law (Order No. 30 of 2005). The new FSC judges took their constitutional oath on 11 April in the presence of the President and the Head of the Supreme Judicial Council. Therefore, quorum is now re-established in the Court which has the constitutional authority to certify CoR election results.