Iraq’s Electoral Preparations and Processes Report No. 7 (9 April 2021)

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Highlights for March
▪ IHEC approved the polling and counting procedures for regular and special voting.
▪ IHEC decides anew on the audit company selected for examining the devices and software for election results management.
▪ IHEC extends the voter registration update period for another 15 days, biometric registration coverage is at 63.24%.
▪ Candidate nomination and coalition registration process ongoing, IHEC prepares the design of ballot papers.
▪ Federal Supreme Court Law amended, enabling the appointment of new judges to the Court.
▪ The Council of Representatives voted to dissolve itself by 7 October 2021.
▪ IHEC decided not to hold out of country voting on technical, legal, financial and health grounds.
▪ Meetings to discuss preparations for IHEC public outreach and media campaigns.

Polling and Counting Procedures

As part of ongoing technical preparations for the elections, the IHEC Board of Commissioners (BoC) approved the polling and counting procedures to be used for the 2021 Council of Representatives elections. These include the procedures for (1) regular voting that will take place on 10 October 2021 and (2) the special voting for security forces which will take place on 8 October 2021.

In relation to this, IHEC has also approved the plan for the training of polling and counting staff using the cascade training of trainers’ methodology. The training will cover the use of electronic devices during polling and counting, the training on regular polling and counting procedures and the training on special voting procedures.