Iraq’s Electoral Preparations and Processes Report No. 11 (9 September 2021)


Highlights for the Month

▪ First deliveries of ballot papers and election kits started arriving in the country.

▪ IHEC held another polling day simulation to test run its systems for the elections.

▪ Audit company shared its third audit report on the results management IT systems.

▪ Electoral Judicial Panel issues ruling on the announcement of special voting results.

▪ Lottery held to select polling and counting staff.

▪ IHEC firms up system for handling electoral complaints; training complete for IHEC legal staff.

▪ Electoral campaign period ongoing as IHEC monitoring committees report no major cases of campaign violation so far.

▪ IHEC intensifies outreach campaigns; taps Communication and Media Commission and other Ministries to support dissemination of IHEC awareness materials.

Deliveries of Ballot Papers and other Electoral Materials

IHEC started to receive, mostly ahead of the timeline, the various electoral materials to be used on election day. These included the ballot papers, election results forms, printed final voter lists, indelible ink and election kits.

The ballot papers were printed by the IHEC contracted German printing company, Giesecke & Devrient, in its facilities in Germany and Belgium. IHEC ordered a total of 26.1 million printed ballot papers. These include 24.8 million ballot papers to be used for regular voting on 10 October and 1.3 million ballot papers to be used for special voting on 8 October. In addition, the company also printed the reconciliation and results forms to be used for polling and counting. The first batch of ballot papers and forms arrived in Najaf Airport on 5 September and in Basra Airport on 6 September. IHEC staff received and transported the materials from these airports to the destination governorates for storage in secured IHEC warehouses.

On 28-30 August, IHEC also received the first deliveries of election kits and indelible ink which were all produced in China by an IHEC contracted company, Green Glory. The materials arrived at the airports in Baghdad, Erbil, Basra and Najaf. They were then transported by IHEC staff to IHEC warehouses, where they will be stored until they are packed and delivered to polling centers a few days before the elections. IHEC ordered a total of 58,197 polling station kits, 8,862 polling center kits and 67,089 bottles of indelible ink.

Similarly, IHEC also received all the printed materials, including the final voters list, manuals and posters that it ordered for printing by the Iraqi Media Network.