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Iraq: RRP6 Monthly Update - April 2014: Health

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• The health sector continues to provide health care services; more than 33,000 refuges utilised available primary, secondary and tertiary health care services. The overall health care utilisation rate is declining as less cases of acute respiratory tract infection occur with the changing season.

• The sector completed the implementation of the Health Information System in all permanent camps in Kurdistan.

• The Early Warning and Response Network is in place. The system utilises multiple data sources and helps detect disease outbreaks at an early stage ‒ when outbreaks are most amenable to interventions.

• Mass immunisation campaign against Polio was carried out in whole Iraq and more than 5,8 mio children were vaccinated.

•Rehabilitation of 3 urban Primary Health Centers has started in Erbil governorate. Depending on the needs Health Centers will be provided with equipment as well.