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Iraq: RRP6 Monthly Update - April 2014: Food Security



•WFP and UNHCR commenced the Joint Assessment Mission (JAM) to determine the food security and nutrition needs of both camp and non-camp refugees. Data collection in partnership with REACH Initiative commenced in April and will continue until mid-May.

•As part of the WFP voucher programme, retailers were selected for retail shops inside Domiz camp. WFP's voucher programme in Domiz camp commenced in November 2012 in partnership with Islamic Relief Worldwide - Iraq.

•WFP concluded a Request for Proposals for retailers in Darashakran, Kawergosk and Gawilan camps and is now in the process of evaluating retailers. Identifying viable retailers is a necessary step towards establishing voucher programmes across Syrian refugee camps in Iraq.

•In April 2014 alone, WFP injected over US$2.3 million into the local economy through this food voucher programme. Since the start of the programme, WFP's voucher programme has injected over US$26 million into the local economy.

•While individual food rations (16.29kg) were provided to 32,974 Syrian refugees in all ten Syrian refugee camps Iraq, 74,030 beneficiaries in Domiz camp received food vouchers.

•WFP, in partnership with DMC, assisted refugees awaiting registration in Bajid Kandela transit camp near the border with A29 bars and food parcels.

•All residents of Al-Obadi camp received complementary food assistance from UNHCR, valued at a total of IQD 29, 312, 500.