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Iraq: RRP6 Monthly Update - April 2014: Basic Needs



  • A proper baseline for understanding current needs will be based on the reports provided by the MSNA assessment of non-camp refugees and the assessment which is part of the UNHCR/WFP Join Assessment Mission (JAM), results expected by May/June 2014

  • During CRI distributions, it was noticed that children were frequently being brought into the distribution area, particularly from households where women are responsible for collecting items and are unable to leave their children in the tent unattended. Therefore, ACTED hired Cash for Work staff to supervise children during distributions, keeping them out of the sun and out of harm’s way.

  • In order to prevent overlap in distributions, UNHCR and its partners will be sharing their beneficiary lists. This is especially important when it comes to targeted distributions that do not reach the entire camp population.

  • Multiple actors plan to distribute fans as part of summarization during the period of May/June to cover the Refugees needs.

  • UNHCR and its Partners discussed the importance of providing communal shaded areas in all camps to mitigate the effects of summer

  • It is planned to introduce an online Refugee Assistance Information System (RAIS) or (ActivityInfo) in June 2014. This would allow an improvement of the quality of reporting by the partners.