Iraq: Remarks of HR Javier Solana after US Secretary of State Powell's report to UN Security Council

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Belgrade, 6 February 2003 - Javier Solana, EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, speaking in Belgrade today made the following remarks after US Secretary of State Colin Powell=B4s report to the United Nations Security Council:
"Secretary of State Colin Powell has given a very important report to the Security Council of the United Nations. Its content and also the way it was presented were very solid. It has to be taken seriously by everybody. Everybody should reflect after this report.

It is very clear that the regime in Baghdad is not cooperating with the inspectors. Saddam Hussein is hiding materials which are dangerous and, therefore, this situation cannot continue.

The chief inspectors will return to Baghdad on the 8th of February. It is going to be a very important moment. Saddam Hussein has to know that his behaviour has to change. The report which will be presented on 14th February by UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix will be very important.

Time is very short and Saddam has to realise that he has to co-operate fully. The mandate is very clear. He has to disarm. That is what the international community wants him to do.

The EU countries have a common position on basic issues: First, the objective is the disarmament of Saddam Hussein of weapons of mass destruction. Second, the role of the inspectors is crucial and they should be helped, including with practical means, as it has been offered by the countries of the EU. Third, we want the process to continue within the Security Council of the UN. That should be the place where the important decisions will have to be taken".