Iraq: Recovery in action

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ACHIEVEMENTS in 2008 first quarter

In spite of persisting difficult conditions inside Iraq, the UNDP/RCP programme is continuously implementing recovery projects in the country. The expenditure amounting to US$79,000,000 for the procurement and delivery of a wide range of inputs to a vast number of projects is an indicator of the intensity with which UNDP-Iraq is supporting its field projects.

A trend initiated in 2007 to increase UNDP's presence within Iraq continued during the first months of 2008, particularly in Al Basrah and Erbil. In both governorates UNDP has stepped up its activities, reinforcing its role as the main channel for recovery, capacity building and development activities. Training courses as well as several workshops focusing on strengthening capacities have taken place in Erbil and have been conducted for Al Basarah officials in Istanbul, Turkey. Some of these activities are in this issue of Recovery in Action.