Iraq Preparedness Quarterly Update, July – September 2020

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• The Logistics Preparedness Officer organised a meeting with the Head of Joint Coordination and Monitoring Centre (JCMC) in Baghdad. During the meeting, the activities and objectives of the preparedness project were presented as well as the results of the Logistics capacity mapping survey. Furthermore, the main challenges and gaps that the humanitarian actors are facing in the Federal Iraq region were briefly discussed. The value brought by JCMC’s participation and commitment to the preparedness project was also emphasized. The meeting was very productive, and the great support from JCMC’s side was recognized.

• During this meeting, it was agreed that the first step to initiate the cooperation with the World Food Programme (WFP) would be to officialise the relationship through an official request submitted to the General Secretariat for the Council of Minister (GSCM). The JCMC will request their participation and involvement in the preparedness project activities.
The letter was drafted and shared with the Information Management unit and Support Desk for review and comment.
After incorporating the comments from IM and the desk, the final draft of the letter was sent to the country office for approval. Once approved, the letter was handed over to the head of JCMC.

• Just recently, the approval of GSCM and JCMC on WFP’s request was obtained. The JCMC showed their willingness to actively collaborate and participate in the preparedness project.

• WFP is now chairing the Business Operations Strategies / Logistics Working Group. The National Logistics Preparedness Officer was appointed chairperson of the Logistics Working Group. The WFP worked with the leading agencies and developed consolidated Terms of Reference (ToRs) for the agreed common services. These ToRs were shared with the group members, and it is now under final revision by the head of the leading agencies.

• The National Logistics preparedness officer maintains the contact list of the humanitarian actors supply chain personal up to date. The preparedness officer is working through various channels (JCMC, UNDP, NCCI, JCC, etc.) to reach out to the humanitarian actors, in both Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) and Federal Iraq Region (FI,) to encourage their participation and involvement in the preparedness project activities.

• Regular contact with the Joint Crisis Coordination Centre (JCC) in Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) is maintained to follow up on the status of the endorsement process of the Action Plan. Based on the latest update from JCC’s side, the endorsement is now pending at the office of the Minister of Interior. Additionally, in order to formalize the cooperation between JCC and WFP, an official letter requesting the participation and involvement of JCC in the preparedness project was handed over to JCC for their approval.