Iraq: Post-February 2006 IDP needs assessments Jun 2007 - Missan



An alarming increase in displacement after the Samarra shrine bombing in February 2006 has highlighted the need for in-depth needs assessments of recently displaced populations. IOM conducts assessments in the central and southern 15 governorates, complementing the registration work conducted by other entities, such as the Ministry of Displacement and Migration.

IOM monitors use IDP Rapid Assessment Templates created in coordination with Cluster F(1) and the IDP Working Group. Monitors gather information from MoDM, IDP tribal and community leaders, local NGOs, local government bodies, and individual IDP families. Based on this information, IOM is distributing Iraq Displacement Assessments and Statistics reports, Governorate Assessment Profiles, and Displacement Year in Review reports.(2) This information is assisting IOM and other agencies to prioritize areas of operation, plan emergency responses, and design long-term, durable solutions programs.

IOM's assessment efforts are ongoing; this should be kept in mind when reading statistics that are represented over time. Also, some statistics represent questions that allowed multiple responses.


(1) The UN Country Team cluster for IDPs, Refugees, and Durable Solutions, of which IOM is Deputy Cluster Coordinator.

(2) Available at