Iraq: Oxfam to refuse money from belligerents during any war

International aid agency Oxfam will refuse money directly from belligerent governments for humanitarian work in Iraq during any war in that country.
Oxfam affiliates in 12 countries around the world will rely instead on money from reserves, public donations, joint appeals with other agencies, the EU and the UN to pay for relief work.

Oxfam must protect its impartiality in the event of military action in Iraq, said Oxfam International Executive Director Jeremy Hobbs. "We will not take funds that might allow a government to use a humanitarian operation as an instrument of foreign policy, thereby increasing the chances of war or prolonging it once it starts," Mr Hobbs said.

"We would refuse the offer of money because it implies support for military action in Iraq," he said.

Mr Hobbs said that it was the choice of each individual charity to decide its policy on funding sources.


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