Iraq: National WASH Cluster Minimum Standards NFI Guidance Notes for WASH / Hygiene Kits

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This Guidance Note provides WASH agencies with minimum standard content of WASH Kits for Hygiene, Water collection/storage, Sanitation tools, Solid Waste Management, Latrine/shower cleaning, and etc., to improve consistent effective response, it is recommended by the WASH Cluster to ensure basic hygiene and dignity items of affected populations. The following kits are basic recommended guidance standards for camps and out of camps. However,
WASH agencies can utilize different modalities for suppling these items especially for out of camp settings, such as in-kind goods, tokens, vouchers, or CASH programming. (Prices are based on 2019 costs)

Please note: (The use of reusable items is currently not recommended in camps, since there are not appropriate laundry facilities. However, they could utilize in circumstances where there are laundry facilities available, or based on context and/or on a case by case bases in out of camp settings as long as there is appropriated community sensitization / participation, capacity building, and sustainability of the items; along with continued follow-up to ensure that these items are supporting proper dignified WASH needs.

  • The Simplified Basic Kit (A) can be considered to ensure initial, rapid provision of critical hygiene items, on an emergency basis, in a situation where no other hygiene assistance has been provided or access and resources are limited.

  • The Basic Consumable Hygiene Kit (B) and Water Kit (C) should be provided as standard for all 1 st and 2 nd line responses, and considered as 6 monthly kits in protracted settings.

  • While the other kits (D through L) should be considered and provided based on specific need of person/families, and time of year. This guidance does not cover the Rapid Response Mechanism which has a specific kit.

  • Recommendations for Out - of - Camp context: Community assessments and consultation with target groups is preferred to identify appropriate WASH needs and/or items to support with, in view of the fact that unique needs changed or are prioritized throughout different parts of the country or with different target groups. You can draw from the list of contents below to develop kits through in-kind goods, or utilization of different modalities such as: tokens, vouchers, or CASH programming; or reusable items as stated above to support with WASH needs.