Iraq Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2011 (Preliminary Report, April 2012)

from Government of Iraq, UN Children's Fund
Published on 30 Apr 2012 View Original

Preliminary Findings Report: Fourth Round of the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS-4): IRAQ -2011

  1. Background and Objective


The 2011 MICS-4 survey was conducted by the Central Statistics Organisation (CSO) and the Kurdistan Regional Statistics Office(KRSO) in coordination with the MoH and provides a detailed understanding of the status of children and women in Iraq today .The survey was implemented largely in response to the need to monitor progress towards the attainment of the goals and targets contained in the international agreements: the Millennium Declaration and Millennium Development Goals(MDGs) adopted by 191 Member States of the United Nations in September 2000, and the Plan of Action of a ‘World Fit for Children’ (WFFC), which was adopted by 189 United Nations Member States during the meeting of the United Nations Special Session on Children in May 2002. Both of these commitments build upon the pledge of the international community made in 1990 at the World Summit for Children.