Iraq: Mosul Response - Weekly Explosive Incidents Report (22 - 28 January 2017)

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Published on 30 Jan 2017 View Original

January 22, 2017

• Al-Malain neighborhood and Al-Bina Al-Jahiz collective in the eastern of Mosul city were liberated by Iraqi Military Forces.

• Iraqi Air Forces launched airstrikes on Mosul-Dahuk road towards Mosul.

• VBIED’s and mortars were found and cleared by the Iraqi Military Forces in Mosul-Dahuk road towards Mosul, Al-Nazaza and Ba’weza road in Hamdaniya district towards Tilkaif district.

• Popular Mobilization Forces countered a heavy attack by ISIL armed group at Al-Nazaza village in Mosul.

January 23, 2017

• Iraqi Military Forces liberated the northern sector of Al-Rashidiyah sub-district in northern Mosul.

• Iraqi Air Forces launched airstrikes on Wadi Akab neighborhood in Mosul, Mosul- Dahuk road towards Mosul, Al-Shababik, Sna’a Al-Abwab, and Al-Mathlumin Villages in northern Telafar district.

• IED’s, VBIED’s, Booby-trapped factories, mortars, machineguns, armored ghting vehicles, BM21 and Katyusha rockets and Gallons lled with C4 were found and cleared by the Iraqi Military Forces at Al-Qusyat village in Tilkaif district, the road to Tilkaif district,
Mosul-Duhok road towards Mosul.

• ISIL shelled areas in Al-Sumer village in the eastern Mosul city which killed three and injured 15 civilians.