Iraq: Mosul Humanitarian Response: Weekly Explosive Incidents Report (16 - 22 July 2017)

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JULY 16, 2017

Iraqi Military Forces

• Found and cleared booby-trapped positions, explosive belts, five suicide IEDs in Qaliaat area in Mosul Al-Qadimah.

• Released two Yazidi children in Ras Al-Kor area in Mosul Al-Qadimah and in Somar neighborhood.

• Found two corpses belongs to Yazidi sectarian in Mosul Al-Qadimah.

JULY 17, 2017

Iraqi Military Forces

• Launched airstrike on ISIS in Muhalabiyah subdistrict, Al-Qadisyah and Qalaa neighborhoods in Telafar and Hatra districts of Ninewa.

• Found and cleared IEDs factory, explosive materials, drones, plastic IED, seven anti-personnel missiles and a missile in Telafar, Imam Al-Gharbi village in Mosul and Samra village in Salah Al-Din.

• Released two Yazidi children in the west side of Mosul city. Popular Mobilization Forces

• Found and cleared seven improvised fighting vehicles, hundred IEDs and a drone in southwest of Mosul, north Hatra district, Tal Asfuk village and on the border between Iraq- Syria in Ninewa.

ISIS Launched a drone strike on Tribal Mobilization Forces near Imam Al-Gharbi village in Mosul which killed one of them and injured three others.

JULY 18, 2017

Iraqi Military Forces

• Launched airstrikes on ISIS which destroyed vehicles belong to ISIS west of Ba'aj district in Ninewa.

• Were able to liberate Mosul College of Medicine in Al-Safaa neighborhood, Civil Defense Building in Bab Albaeth in Mosul Al-Qadima.
ISIS Executed 30 civilians in Hawiga district.

Peshmerga Forces

• With Popular Mobilization Forces repelled ISIS attacks southwest of Tooz and western Ba'aj districts.

• Found and cleared IEDs, suicide IEDs in Tooz district and the vicinity of Amrli subdistrict in Salah Al-Din.

JULY 19, 2017

Iraqi Military Forces

• Found and cleared IEDS, anti-armored rockets, and other weapons in Dabes, Kuna and Yaychi in Kirkuk and Hamdaniya in Mosul.

• Found 52 dead bodies belonging to civilians in Bab Al-Tub, Bab-Albaeth, Nujaifi, and Fatah neighborhoods in Mosul Al-Qadimah.

JULY 20, 2017

Iraqi Military Forces

• Launched strikes on ISIS in Telafar district, Ayadiya subdistrict in Ninewa which destroyed two headquarters and weapons storage belongs to ISIS.

• Liberated Imam Al-Gharbi village in Mosul.

• Found and cleared weapons storage in Al-Askari neighborhood in Telafar district.

• Released 4 members of Peshmarga Forces in the west side of Mosul city. Popular Mobilization Forces Found and cleared four suicide IEDs in Tal Zalat village in Mosul.


• A drone carried bombs dropped down on a house in Telafar district in Mosul which killed 2 civilians.

• Two IEDs explosions made by ISIS killed and injured eight civilians in Hawiga district while they were trying to run away.

JULY 21, 2017

Iraqi Military Forces arrested a leader and a minister of agriculture of ISIS in department of Social Welfare in the eastern side and in Al-Maamoon neighborhood in Mosul.


• Forced three families to walk through a mine field in the vicinity of Telafar district which killed all of them.

• IED made by ISIS injured two members of Peshmarga Forces and killed a member and injured two others of Iraqi Military Forces in Mama area in Dabes district in Kirkuk and on the road between Abud and Zanjaliya

JULY 22, 2017

Iraqi Military Forces

• Rescued 5 civilians from ISIS in Imam Gharbi village in Qayarah subdistrict in Ninewa.

• Found and cleared a huge amount of C4 explosives in Telafar and drones near Iraqi-Syrian border.

Popular Mobilization Forces

• Clashed with ISIS near Iraqi-Syrian border in Ninewa.

• Destroyed two ISIS VBIEDs near Iraqi-Syrian border in Ninewa. ISIS held an auction for selling women in Hawiga district of Kirkuk.