Iraq: Mosul Humanitarian Response: Monthly Security Incidents Situation Report - November 2017



Iraqi authorities will declare final victory over Islamic State in a military parade on December 9, a senior security source was quoted saying. Since January 2014 until November 2017 there are 2,991,168 of Internally Displaced Persons IDPs and 2,679,054 number of returnees according to IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM).

After the liberation of huge areas in Iraq by the IMF, the presence of explosive hazards in those liberated areas still poses real threat and challenges for the returnees and vulnerable communities and will continue to remain big challenges for them. Explosive hazards have spread randomly and widely in the liberated areas and put a big burden on the Iraqi government both practically and financially to remove them, the complexity and diversity of IEDs in and around the liberated areas require great effort and specialized mine clearance operators to overcome this big issue and early estimates indicate that it will take over a decade to fully clear Mosul alone. Mine action partners continue to assess, clear and deliver mine-risk education in all accessible areas.

This situation report entails very crucial and exhaustive data on security incidents and explosive hazards since the inception of the offensive in October 2016 and month to month data coverage necessary for the Humanitarian Actors to plan/prioritize their prompt humanitarian response to the war-torn areas and affected communities.