Iraq Monthly Highlights October 2010


Returnee monitoring report

A poll of Iraqis who have returned to Baghdad from neighbouring countries found that physical insecurity, economic hardship and a lack of basic public services has led the majority to regret their decision to return to Iraq. The UNHCR survey also found that 34 percent said they were uncertain whether they would stay permanently in Iraq and would consider seeking asylum in neighbouring countries again.

The survey of 2,353 Iraqis who returned to the Baghdad districts of Resafa and Karkh between 2007 and 2008, was conducted by UNHCR staff from April to September this year. The survey found that 61 percent of the Iraqi returnees interviewed regretted returning to Iraq from their country of asylum with 60 percent of this number stating that this was mainly due to insecurity. 87 percent also stated that their current income is insufficient to cover their families' needs in Iraq. Future surveys will cover the conditions of returnees to other parts of Iraq.