Iraq: Mobile Medical Clinics response in Dahuk Governorate - February, 2015


Mobile medical clinics highlight

Department of Health (DoH) was provided with four Mobile Medical Clinics (MMC) on 23rd January, 2015 with the support of the Saudi Funds. All the MMCs are operational and working in four different districts (Zakho, Sumel, Shekhan, Bardarash) were high concentration of IDPs are present in Duhok Governorate.

During February; the number of consultation recorded by these four MMC was 18,229 consultations. Out the consultations recorded during this period, 2,808 cases (15%) were Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI), 712 cases (4%) were skin diseases followed by 523 cases (3%) of Acute Diarrhea. 320 cases (2%) has eye infections while 975 cases (5%) complaint of hypertension and 817 cases (4%) had diabetes.

79% of the consultations made by these MMCs were above 5 years of age and 21% were under five years. Average from the consultations during this period showed that of 53% of the consultations were females and 47% were male who required medical attention through these four MMCs.

The highest number of consultations 9,729 was carried out by MMC working in the Sumel district, followed by 6,356 consultations provided by the MMC working in Esyen District. The MMC working Zakho district provided 1,549 consultations and the lowest number of consultations of 595 per provided by the MMC working in Bardarash district.

Neither major alerts nor outbreaks were generated or deducted by the MMC working is the four districts of Zakho, Sumel, Shekhan, Bardarash.